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Entdecke die neuesten Trends auf Stylight.de. Viele Sale-Produkte zur Auswahl. Shoppe Artikel aus über 1.000 Onlineshops gleichzeitig. Kostenloser Versand A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) 3. A Quality Audio Interface. 4. A Good Mic. 5. Studio Headphones/Studio Monitors. Conclusion. When it comes to a home studio, unless you have the budget to go all out, sometimes sticking the basics is the way to go

Dedicated Home Studio - which is typically a room in your house used solely for recording, that includes both studio furniture, and acoustic treatment. Semi-Pro Studio - which can be either at your home, or a different location, and typically includes the equipment necessary to record multiple musicians simultaneously As you become more advanced with recording, you may want to add elements, like a pop filter, ear training software or additional microphones, headphones and speakers. For beginners, the five items listed above should be sufficient to get started making some quality recordings. 6. Home Studio Soundproofing Home studios need an extra room solely for recording and producing music. It can be your abandoned garage or a 10'x12′ guest room. It needs some acoustic treatment along with some extra studio recording equipment such as an audio interface, mic, and computer. This also include some furniture to get into work Unerfahrene Produzenten, die sich nicht mit ihrem Home Studio Equipment befassen, erzielen selbst mit den besten Highend-Mikrofonen keine klanglich überzeugenden Ergebnisse. Aber genau Dafür habe ich ja diese Musikproduktion Webseite ins Leben gerufen. 1) Das optimale Studiomikrofon. Egal ob du dein erstes eigenes Homestudio einrichten möchtest oder größere Pläne hast: Das zentrale. The Perfect First Studio for Newbies. With the following 9 items: A Computer; DAW/Audio Interface Combo; Studio Monitors; One or Two Microphones; Headphones; A Few Cables; One Mic Stand; A Pop Filter; Ear Training Software; What you have is a simple working studio, perfect for anyone just starting out with home recording. And here's why

Das Perfekte Erste Tonstudio Für Einsteiger. Mit den folgenden 9 Basics: Ein Computer; DAW/Audio Interface Combo; Studio Monitore; Ein oder zwei Mikrophone; Kopfhörer; Ein paar Kabel; Ein Mikrophon-Ständer; Ein Pop-Schutz; Gehör-Training Software; Damit hast Du ein einfaches, funktionierendes Tonstudio, perfekt wenn Du gerade mit dem Homerecording beginnst Hard drive Capacity - Get a laptop or computer that has at least 250 GB of storage, Minimum. The ideal is 500 or 1000 GB. Get a solid state drive if you can. Memory Size - Get a laptop or computer with at least 6 GB of RAM. 8GB is better, and 16 GB is awesome Die folgenden Komponenten brauchst Du für dein Homestudio. Die Liste ist nach Relevanz geordnet: Je wichtigster die Komponenten deines Homestudio Equipments sind, desto höher stehen sie. Nach unten wird es immer optionaler. einen leistungsstarken Computer mit bedarfsgerechter DAW; ein Audio-Interface mit genügend Eingängen und schnellen A/D-Wandler If all you need is a webcam is does not take 5 grand! You can get a webcam for 50 bucks. If you used home level video cameras, just a few lights and a cheap switcher (or now software) you absolutely could set up some kind of small studio in your house for 5 grand or less. I've done it and so have some of my readers. I am not telling people they can set up Warner Brothers studios for 5 grand. Equipment List for Photography Studios. Studio space; Photography backdrops; Cameras; Lenses; Adjustable lighting equipment kits; LED lights; Strobes; Softboxes & umbrellas; Chairs, furniture; Computer; Printers; Website/Portfolio; Photo editing software; Now let's get deeper and explore all the photo studio equipment you will need in your space. Depending on your budget and your business model, select one that fits your needs

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What else will you need to get your home recording studio off the ground? Make sure you have all the audio cables you need - XLR, ¼, 3.5 mm, whatever your mics are using, and make sure you have decent length cables (and a few spares) for all. Better to have more cable than not enough Semi-professionelles Tonstudio - Entweder zu Hause oder in einem anderen Gebäude, typischerweise mit genug Equipment, um mehrere Musiker gleichzeitig aufzunehmen. Profi-Studio - Befindet sich typischerweise in einem eigenen Gebäude und ist mit allen Geräten ausgestattet, um effizient professionelle Resultate zu produzieren Homestudio einrichten leicht gemacht Tipps & Empfehlungen Homestudio Equipment günstige Hardware gute Qualität - klick hier, um mehr zu erfahren These video production equipment basics will help you shoot quality video anywhere. From the office to the international conference, you'll be able to stay connected to your employees. Even though the production might seem casual, your viewer will see this as more of an intimate, one-on-one experience. Setup your studio and be confident. This is a great start for when you decide to level up and replace parts of your home recording studio setup. We've created a basic checklist for what you'll need to start getting your studio together and get you being creative. Top 10 recommended gear for basic home studio setup: Computer/Laptop; Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Softwar

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  1. Next to the musician and their instrument, the microphone should be the most important part of anyone's checklist when setting up a home recording studio. It's the ear that captures the music and has the power to make or break the quality of a recording
  2. Welches Equipment für das Home Studio? Egal, ob du Gesang, deine E-Gitarre oder ein Schlagzeug aufnehmen willst: Der Weg der Audiosignale zur fertigen Aufnahme bleibt prinzipiell gleich. Das aufzunehmende Signal muss, wenn es sich nicht um Signale eines virtuellen Instruments handelt, mit einem Mikrofon abgenommen und mittels Audio Interface in eine Digital Audio Workstation auf deinem.
  3. A. The Home Studio Necessities I remember when I was just starting and planning my 1st home recording studio. I was very fortunate though that I was able to create music in my spare room which was a dream for most people back then. Luckily, with technology advances, it is now easier to build one in your own bedroom. Yet, the question is that many people do not know when and how to start. In.
  4. e your DIY home recording studio. After a long break and some New Year's resolutions about keeping focused on my art, I reviewed my list of essential gear and got to work.. Some of it came back to me like riding a bike

Here's a checklist of 10 video production equipment items that you can use to get professional-quality video. Video Production Equipment 1. Camera. If you're making a video, you need a good camera. And if you've done any reading about video production tools or video marketing, you know that there are a lot of opinions out there. We'll start with the basics. You can definitely use a. Benefits of an Equipment Checklist. Just like how House Inspection Checklist Examples are used to inspect and assess home conditions, an equipment checklist can help you in a lot of ways that are relevant to the acquisition, usage, and maintenance of equipment needed for your operations. There are a lot of advantages that can be felt by your business if you will create an equipment checklist

Home Blog Photography Studio Equipment List: Everything You Need For Your Own Studio. Blog. Photography Studio Equipment List: Everything You Need For Your Own Studio . by James Grundy June 29, 2019. written by James Grundy June 29, 2019. Last Updated: 6th June 2019. A few years back I started researching and putting together a photography studio equipment list, I needed to get a simple little. How Much Studio Space Will You Need. This will depend on the type of clients and photography work you want to do. A huge chunk of my clients are still outdoor, natural light loving people. While a studio is great to have, I did not find the need to either convert a room in my house to a studio space or rent commercial space to convert into a studio I'm building a home recording studio and i just want to double check what equipment i need (any advice on which brand / setup to buy would be excellent), ive got instruments but so far i know i need: - Computer (with good sound card / processor) ive used a mac at my old school but im a hardcore pc fan and i would prefer to use one as i completely understand them ha ha, the mac is all topsy.

Home Recording Studio Equipment List. Audio Interface: $100-500 A quality two channel (or more) audio interface which you can get for about $100-500, the interface will combine onboard preamps, analog to digital converters, and drivers with inputs and outputs. Something like the apogee duet, is always a high quality choice, as it has a breakout box, instrument (input) for guitar, and. 21 Essential Personal Training Equipment Checklist (2020) They work best on stable ground of a PT studio, gym or home, but as long as the ground is flat and hard, there's nor reason why you can't use them as a form of outdoor personal training equipment too. Recommended patrallettes for trainers and studios: 1. RAMASS Fitness Parallettes. COST: £49.99. 2. SONGMICS Push Up Bar Stand. Our checklist of essential equipment for a home recording studio includes: a computer, DAW / audio interface, studio monitor speakers, studio headphones, microphones, cables, mic stands, pop filter, vocal shield, acoustic treatment, and a few extra things to enhance the quality of your recordings

Complete budget video gear checklist for making YouTube videos including the camera, tripod, lighting, microphone, and accessories. ***** Check out the comp.. Studio selbst einrichten: Checkliste für das perfekte Homestudio . Homestudio - eine Budgetfrage. Egal wie gut Studio-Equipment sein mag, manchmal lohnt es sich nicht, die teuersten Geräte und Features zu kaufen. Gerade für Einsteiger sind günstigere Angebote, die bessere Option. Auch mit wenig Geld lässt sich oft professionelle Musik produzieren - und Aufrüsten geht ja immer. Marvin. How to Set Up a Production Studio at Home: Equipment Checklist. By Brandi October 9, 2020 Blog, Marketing, Photo, Studio + Live Events, Video. No Comments. Okay, okayWe have been asked to write a blog about how to set up a great home production studio since lockdown started, and, not going to lie, its taken us a bit to think it out. We are the first to admit that we are not good at. Nolan breaks down this AMAZING 4K YouTube Studio Setup. ***** Checkout Everything in this 4K YouTube Studio Setup HERE ️ https://kit.co/SeanCannell/best-4k-youtube. Home sweet home studio. No matter how humble the component parts may seem, a collection of gear for producing music makes up a home studio. Putting one together is one of the most exciting parts of being a musician. Use this guide to take the stress out of buying the right gear for your home studio

Home Recording Feature 5 Tipps, wann ihr welches Equipment zum Musik Aufnehmen und Musik Produzieren kaufen solltet - Ratgeber für Einsteiger Speaker, Interface, DAWs & Co.: Welches Setup braucht ein Anfänger und wie viel sollte es kosten? von Nick Mavridis . 30.05.2020. 864 Was muss ich kaufen, wenn ich im Homerecording-Studio Musik produzieren will? Für das kleine Studio zuhause. Auf den folgenden Seiten möchten wir Ihnen gerne einen Überblick über die Funktionsweise und die technischen Möglichkeiten im Home-Recording-Bereich vorstellen. Viele nützliche Tipps von Fachleuten lösen Probleme, noch bevor diese durch den Kauf von unpassendem Equipment entstehen können. Unser Online-Ratgeber erstreckt sich über mehrere Seiten - Sie können ein besonders. Gig Gear Checklist - A Complete Band Equipment List ; Gig Gear Checklist - A Complete Band Equipment List. Posted on: 28 cabinet for onstage or studio monitoring but also features a 1/4 Headphone output socket so you can practice at home in silence. Again, any studio or stage will have a DI box so they're not essential, but if you want consistent sound, you should invest in one and. Studio Equipment. Mikrofone; Studiomikrofone; Studiokopfhörer; Musiksoftware; Musikprogramme; Audio Plugins; Studiomonitore; Audio Interface; Controller; Beat Maker; Audio Kompressor; Audio Recorder; Mischpulte; Audiokabel; Eventtechnik. Eventtechnik News; PA-Anlage; Lichttechnik; PA & Licht Grundlagen; Musikproduktion. Songwriting; Audiobearbeitung; Recording; Producing; Mixing; Masterin

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Live Streaming Checklist 1. Take time to pick a location and collect points to cover. Live streaming game play from the Final Fantasy VII Remake is something which you can do from your home office. If you are, however, live video streaming an event such as an interview you need to pick a location that engages viewers. This location might be in. In reality, a home gym only really needs equipment that you'll be using all of the time, so making a checklist is great starting point to bringing your vision to life. Hopefully this home gym. Studio Equipment List & Function ITEM/PRODUCT# FUNCTION MODEL RolandOcta-captureUSB2. AudioInterface TheRolandOcta-Capture isasoundcardthatallows thetransferofsoundto andfromyourcomputerat aprofessionalgrade.Itis housedwithmultipleinputs andoutputsforinstruments andmicrophones. FocalProfessional70W+ 35W2-WayActive6.5-inch MonitoringSystem High-grademidrange speakers. BehringerX-TouchUniversal. Download Remote Work Equipment Checklist. Providing Remote Work Equipment for Employees. Back in spring, many Americans suddenly found themselves unexpectedly working from home. With limited time to prepare, employees have often found themselves getting by with just a laptop and an internet connection. But for remote work to be sustainable long-term, businesses need to consider providing.

This equipment is used to send the information from the stations to local homes in the broadcast region. Different stations have more powerful relays and receivers, which sends out the signal further out, but in general, all of this works the same way. Beyond this, inside of a radio broadcast there is often a digital radio station that comes with a computer, console and audio equipment. (When. Knowing the condition of your company's equipment is essential to keeping your business running. This equipment inventory template can help. An equipment list template tracks both the financial and physical status of your important machinery. It's easy to use—just enter your loan amounts (if applicable), costs and value, and the equipment list calculates monthly payments, costs, and. Report on Destiny 2 progress and stats. Raids, weekly PvE activities, and PVP info. Destiny 2 version of Destiny Checklist It includes Monolight Kits and Battery Packs as well as a great variety of Light Modifiers such as Umbrellas, Softboxes, Beauty Dishes, Grids, Snoots and Barndoors. Here you will also find support systems for use in your studio, such as Lightstands and Boom Arm Stands and various other studio photography equipment like Re flectors, Diffuser panels. The main video equipment list. Whether you're a professional or a novice filmmaker there's some basic equipment you just cannot do without. The article looks at the essential checklist that is the basis for a great filming experience

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  1. i-studio. But you've got to find the proper equipment. That takes research
  2. 124 checklists Campbell writes in dept checklists for the advanced users. His expertise is outstanding and his ability to narrow down tasks to what is really important is the best
  3. Have a lot of extension cords to plug in all of your equipment. Get power strips that have fuses and surge protection. Label them, and do not plug one power strip into another power strip. Use on power strip for all your fans, one for your umbrella lights, one for your strobe lights, etc. This way, an electrical problem is easily identified, and there is not too much power being drawn from any single socket. If your studio does not have an ample power supply for all your equipment.
  4. There will certainly be other items you'll need in your home office, depending on the type of work you do and how much space you have available. But you'll be on your way to creating a streamlined and efficient home office if you use this checklist to get started thinking about the essentials
  5. Wenn ich dann zuhause etwas mit der brandneuen Version X vorbereite und damit ins Studio marschiere kann's schonmal ärgerlich sein, da das Studio noch mit der (u.U. stabileren) Version X-1 arbeitet und meine Daten nicht öffnen kann. Lilian 31. Mai 2009 12:40 Uhr Antworte

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Use this simple audio visual checklist, to ensure that you're communicating well and asking your a/v provider all the right questions. By the end of this post, not only will you understand how commonly used equipment works, you will be able to make sense of a quote and negotiate the best AV requirements for your function The Equipment Checklist Written by font size decrease font size increase font size; Print; Email; Do you have the tools and equipment you need to be the best aesthetics professional possible? Are you thinking of starting a practice or are you renovating or upgrading equipment any time soon? The task of building a practice does not have to be daunting. Equipment can make or break your job as an.

Some home studio flash kits come complete with their own flash trigger. Pre-shoot checklist Before your sitter arrives, make sure your studio area is set up perfectly and your camera settings are. Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 Team (Surface Hub). See screenshots, read the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for Simple Checklist / To Do List With the right equipment and a surprisingly small amount of money you can build a professional quality recording studio in your own home. Here are the five basic tools that every home studio needs: Advertisement. 1. A recording device. For a perfectly good digital recording device, look no further than your computer. Your built-in sound card will probably work fine, but if you're serious about. An equipment checklist is essential for any band that takes itself seriously and wants to guarantee a smooth and fully prepared show. With load-in, sound check, selling merchandise and communicating with fans to worry about, making sure each piece of equipment might take the back burner. A live band equipment checklist should include each and every piece of equipment a band needs to play its.

Home | Resources | Blog; The Ultimate Commercial Kitchen Equipment Checklist. The market for restaurant kitchen equipment is huge. Globally, it's estimated to be worth approximately $112 billion by 2025. Great restaurants need the best equipment in order to thrive. That's why they're happy to shell out large amounts of money on these items. As well as enabling them to store, prepare, and sell. But then again, you are not going to need a lot of equipment for your home studio. In most cases, even a 100 square-foot room is enough to fit all of your home photography studio gear. Place your background stand against one of the walls, set up the light stands in front, and that's it

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The shot list will inform the walk through at the tech scout. Which will tell you exactly what you need equipment wise. Each step in the 15 step pre production checklist feeds into the next. That way you don't do anything before you're ready to. You go into each phase of preproduction, and ultimately production itself, as prepared as possible 1-12 of over 30,000 results for Studio Recording Equipment Best Seller in Multipurpose Condenser Microphones USB Microphone,Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone for Laptop MAC or Windows Cardioid Studio Recording Vocals, Voice Overs,Streaming Broadcast and YouTube Videos-K669 One crucial and often overlooked part of the home studio is an audio interface that will provide connections to route sound in and out of your computer. Your computer may have something like this (if you use Apple they provide decent sound output with the included 1/8th inch jack). But you may lack some connections such as input for a microphone or instrument. This is where you'll want to.

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  1. This is the place where you will learn everything about sound recordings and the perfect selection for your home studio. Explore Neumann In The Home Studio
  2. From planning a home's weekly grocery budget and creating a moving list to counting the available amount of stock in a warehouse and analyzing customer goods before moving, the templates are quite useful. You can use a checklist as a budget-designing tool. Step 3: Reasons for the Checklist. It is very important to have a signed contract before you create your checklist. It should contain all.
  3. Fillable and printable Landlord Inspection Checklist Template 2021. Fill, sign and download Landlord Inspection Checklist Template online on Handypdf.co
  4. Beginner's Guide To DJ Equipment Setups Buying your first DJ setup can be a daunting task. Using our knowledge and experience, the Lab breaks it down as simply as possible. Please note, you'll always be able to find exceptions and additions to this guide, but we focused on the most popular DJ setups. JUMP TO 1.0 Turnt
  5. Building a home recording studio is extremely desirable for the audio enthusiast. Creating music in your spare room was a dream for most back in the old days. Not anymore. In the following series, I'll go over the basic aspects of setting up a home recording studio for less than $1,000
  6. As for the equipment part of your webinar production package, this includes the physical equipment you should strongly consider having on-hand for an in-house studio to produce your webinars. Read.
  7. 17. Washing equipment . 18. Sharpening stones. 19. Microwave . 20. Ice makers. 21. Gas or electric grill. Your restaurant equipment list is a crucial piece of planning your new venture, and it'll help you build out the expenses section of your restaurant business plan. For guidance on creating a business plan, check out the template below
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  1. Home Decor. Room Decor. Recreational Room. Home Recording Studio.. Saved from musicnerdrevolution.com. Home Studio Checklist. Saved by Musicnerdrevolution. Pinterest. Today. Explore.
  2. Home Recording Freeware. Ambiloop Ambiloop - Freeware Sampler mit 8 Spur-Recording-Funktion. Ambiloop ist ein Windows-Programm zur Erzeugung und Wiedergabe von Sound-Loops in Echtzeit. Der Freeware Sampler funktioniert wie ein Mehrspur-Tonband mit Delay-Effekt, mit dem man Audio-Loops aufnehmen und sofort wiedergeben kann. » mehr zu Ambiloop. Amped Studio Amped Studio: Kostenlose Cloud.
  3. Jan 8, 2015 - Play music? Want to get started with audio recording? In this post I walk you through the entire process of building your first home studio
  4. Home; How It Works; Pricing; Sign Up; Testimonials; FAQs; Blog; Contact Us; January 6, 2016 Studio Start-Up Trey Hoffman. How to Start a Dance Studio: A Checklist. You've jumped and soared to incredible heights throughout your dance career, but now it's time to make your biggest leap yet. With a love of dance and a passion for sharing it with others, you've decided to open your own brand.
  5. Home Studio Equipment Tips. 103 likes · 2 talking about this. Home Studio Equipment tips is a website that teaches musicians how to set up a home recording studio using and iMac or apple computer
  6. MIDI-Keyboards, Drum-Pads, Controller:Varianten für Steuerung und Tonerzeugung. Mikrofon, Instrumente, Klangerzeuger und Zubehör: Unterstützendes Equipment. Akustik für das Home Studio: Einrichtung des Raumes für die Abhöre entscheidend
  7. dful of your neighbors. Utilizing swing. Read More . SE:Ep:- UnQuantized Podcast Combating a Graveyard of unfinished beats! One shots vs Vst's, A better way to communicate with your collaborators other than Email. Read More. SE:Ep:- UnQuantized Podcast Uzi literally puts a price.

Essential Home Recording Studio Equipment: Computer Headphones Microphone Pop Filter Musical Instruments Control Surface Studio Monitors Digital Audio Workstation Virtual Instruments Recording Mixer Audio Interface Studio Rack Mount Power Conditioner Uninterruptible Power Suppl Having your own home art studio might sound unattainable, but it doesn't have to be. Creating a dedicated creative space can be surprisingly inexpensive and easy to set up almost anywhere. To help you get started, we've put together this breakdown of the things you'll need to consider in order to set up the perfect space for you and your process. Want to set up your own home office or.

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Wir verraten dir, wie du mit nur wenigen Teilen in deinem Home Gym genauso effektiv trainierst, wie im Studio. von Felicitas Vach und Rieke Reiß , Online-Redaktion Aktualisiert: 19.03.202 Setting up a simple home studio can be extremely beneficial to any photographer. Whether you're a professional portrait photographer or a graphic designer who needs product shots, a home studio gives you a place to work, experiment and learn new things. Below we'll take a look at a few considerations to keep in mind when creating your own studio Recording studios are becoming increasingly more common as equipment is becoming more affordable, and many traditional components are being replicated with computer technology. However, a number of key pieces of equipment are found in most recording studios, whether amateur or professional, although some are not strictly necessary Act three of our pre production checklist begins here... This is the home stretch. By now you've got a lot of the key components in place. Before you go any further, you've got to button things up. Pull permits for locations. Buy a production insurance policy. Consult with legal if necessary. FILM PERMITS. I like to start permitting with plenty of time. Sometimes a location will fall through because of permitting issues. Sometimes the city won't issue a permit without a lot more legwork from. Checklist, Home Office, Office, Order, Organization, Organizing, Organizing Tips. Previous Post. Next Post. About Author Latest Posts Follow Rashelle: Rashelle. Rashelle Isip is a New York City-based professional organizer and productivity consultant who helps people get organized so they can stress less, have more fun, and be happier at home. Her work has been featured in Good Housekeeping.

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Radio Station Equipment for Your Professional Studio Setup. Everything you need is right here in the MCR Live studio setup. It's completely state of the art and contains all the radio station equipment you need to broadcast online. We have a mixing desk, microphone, pre-processor, headphones, and much more which we will get into soon. Axia iQ AoIP Mixing Console. We are using the Axia iQ AoIP. The equipment check includes a bandwidth check. Since bandwidth differs depending on time of day and network usage, run the equipment check at a few different times to see which time works best. Additionally, be sure to run it at a time and in an environment similar to what you would experience when you test, e.g., your family is home and on many devices, etc Display screen equipment (DSE) workstation checklist 8. Risk factors Tick answer Things to consider Action to take Yes No. 6 Environment. Is there enough room to change position and vary movement? Space is needed to move, stretch and fidget. Consider reorganising the office layout and check for obstructions. Cables should be tidy and not a trip or snag hazard. Is the lighting suitable, eg not. These studio-equipment are stunning! Shop our studio-equipment collection and save up to 75% off retail A place to share home recording studios, discuss tips and techniques that apply to recording in home environments, and share music made in home studios. 5.0k. Members. 0. Online. Created Dec 1, 2015. r/homestudios topics. Music; Moderators. Message the mods. u/ColdCutKitKat. View All Moderators. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. about careers press advertise blog Terms.

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of office furniture and equipment. Checklists for the ergonomic evaluation of products are useful for the following reasons: # They require decisions to be made on the essential and desirable criteria for selection; # They ensure a consistent approach to the evaluation of a large number of products; and # They provide a guide to manufacturers and suppliers on the ergonomic criteria being used. Home Studio Princeton Bedroom Suite. Price given is for bed (queen size), two pedestals and dressing table. In white. R 21,995.00 R 19,995.00. Add to quote. Sale! Cape Cod Table R 4,995.00 R 3,995.00. Add to quote Sale! Samba Coffee Table (Natural Finish) 1200 x 600 x 460. The checklist covers topics including: safety management. environment. equipment, machinery and tools. job safety. hazardous manual handling. electricity, chemicals, welding and cutting. confined spaces and working at height. emergency procedures and first aid Stock your home with these essentials — covering safety, home care, cooking and entertaining — and you'll be prepared for just about any surprise situation. View Gallery 34 Photos Getty.

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Fortunately, home gym equipment has come a long way from the basic (and boring) machines of the past. Now, you can choose from high-tech options that feature specialized software for streaming. You've come to the right place for studio recording equipment - Sweetwater began as a recording studio, and here you'll find the latest professional audio gear plus expertise you can count on. We stake our reputation on it - from expert pre-sales advice to our free 2-year Total Confidence Coverage warranty, our goal is to help you get the right gear your studio needs to prosper. Are you just.

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